Tuition & Scholarships


Tuition is due on the first of the month.  Tuition is based on a 10 month calendar (August through May) and is divided equally.  Tuition is due one month in advance of participation.

There is a two day per week enrollment minimum for children not eligible to attend kindergarten in the next year.  For children who are eligible to attend kindergarten the following year, a four day per week schedule is recommended. We also offer an extended day program. Contact us for more information. ​


Scholarship assistance is available for families based on income level.  Priority is given first to in-district PreK, then to PreK children.  Scholarships are available until the fund is exhausted.  Income must be verified by current W-2's, paycheck stubs or other reasonable form of income verification.  Please see Director for more information.


Monthly Tuition Rates:                     12:15     3:00     5:00

2 days per week, per month:          $320     $420     $520

3 days per week, per month:          $380     $480     $580

4 days per week, per month:          $460     $560     $660

5 days per week, per month:          $520     $620     $700

Income Guidelines

Family Size           Monthly Income

1-2                $4,173

3                    $4,502

4                    $5,256

5                    $6,098

6                    $6,939

7                    $7,098